Adwords Account Audit

Are you losing sleep (and money) over Adwords?

  • Do you lie awake at night worrying about the money you think you are wasting on Adwords?
  • Does your stomach knot up in frustration that the clicks you are paying for are not turning into sales?
  • Are you paralized because you know it should work but you you can't seen to figure out what to do and you are scared to turn it off?

Well it's time to put a stop to that NOW with a DOES IT / SHOULD IT FLY AUDIT?

Vernon Riley - concentrates on being a Google Analytics expert. His reputation and that of KKSmarts depends on being agnostic about Adwords and PPC. We see them working well for some businesses, and failing utterly for others. So we don't do the audit with the aim of selling Adwords based services.

Think how different you will feel if

  • You'd been alerted to other problems that meant you really ought to stop.
  • If you could continue feeling confident that your advertising was set up correctly and not losing money like a leaky bucket dripping water.
  • You knew how to monitor your Adwords and Analytics accounts to check that everything hadn't gone pear shaped!

How much more confident you will feel if you could pinpoint why problems arose

Because of

  • the Adverts or the landing pages?
  • the structure of the account?
  • options you'd ticked or missed in setting things up?
  • what happens after the first visit to your website?
  • many of the other gotchas that lie in wait for the unwary online Advertiser.

At KKSmarts we've helped many businesses just like yours sort out their Adwords. But don't take our word for it, listen to what our customers say.

Adwords Management Testimonial Suzi Colton

Our Adwords Account Audit is just what you need to decide whether to continue or stop.

What does the audit Cover?

Vernon will personally review your account and also your website to find out what needs fixing. Quite often there are quick fixes that will yield big results for you.

Using our screen recording technology he'll will show you exactly what needs changing in your account. This isn't some dry report. It's a complete video review that really gets the heart of where the changes are needed. The video recording will be available to you to watch in your own time and at your own pace.

If you want KKSmarts to make the changes for you then we can give you a quote for that but there is no obligation on you to take us up on that.

Each review is different because it is based on your unique business and how you are advertising it however as a guide here are the things you can expect us to cover:


Sounds Good. So how much is an Adwords Booster?

For a start - it costs money. The investment starts at £150+VAT. It can't be FREE because we put real effort into it and don't use it as a lead generator for other services. There aren't standard package prices because the scope of Adwords and analytics accounts vary enormously. I've worked with some accounts that would take a full week (40 hours plus) to analyse. Others that you can see what's going wrong quickly and a comprehensive report can be put together in just a few hours .

Request a call back and we'll see what we could do for you...


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